Turicentro k’achelaj


  • Name: Adolfo Torres Ixcoy

  • Age: 35

  • Impresario Since: August, 2019

  • Project: Turicentro K’achelaj

  • Location: Chuinajtajayub, Momostenango


The village of Chuinajtajuyub’ struggles with migration. Every year people watch as their neighbors, husbands, and fathers leave the primarily subsistence agriculture-driven community in search of a better option to support their families.

Fifteen years ago, Adolfo was one of the men who left. After spending seven years working and saving in the United States, he returned to his village with a fervent desire to create a better option.

Turicentro K’achelaj was borne of Adolfo’s realization that he didn’t have to leave the village in search of money. In his own words, he’s working for “the dollars to come to us.” Investing his own savings, he’s already transformed the property from a vacant piece of land to a popular recreational area, but the drive for constant improvement prevents him from reveling in complacency.

At any given time, he has several satellite projects underway to continue improving client experience and invest in the future of his community’s economy.

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Engagement Summary:

  • FTF Field Workers are currently working to bring more foreign tour groups to stay at the Turicentro. We hope to connect Adolfo with universities interested in sending student groups to come learn about the various environmental issues facing the community, and how locals are working to combat them.

How The Public Can Help:

  • Reconnect with your favorite college professor on Adolfo’s behalf about the possibility of a student trip. Introducing an FTF Field Worker to someone you have a personal connection with goes a long way!

  • Like and share Adolfo’s page on Facebook (Turicentro K’achelaj).

  • Come meet him yourself and enjoy the beautiful Turicentro on our next Keipi Journey.

Expected Outcomes:

If we succeed in connecting even 1-2 universities with the Turicentro K’achelaj for annual student trips, we hope it will have the following impacts:

  • Consistent business and income for Turicentro K’achelaj. Reliable income will enable Adolfo to continue investing in property development.

  • Feedback from guests on how to further improve the experience.

  • Affirmation to the community that their initiatives are worth visiting and learning about (you’d be surprised at how strongly a group of foreign visitors can impact a village)

  • Possible fundraising connections with motivated college students.

Adolfo loves to utilize clean energy and employs a lot of solar energy to power outlets and charging ports.

Adolfo loves to utilize clean energy and employs a lot of solar energy to power outlets and charging ports.



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