John Heers | Co-Founder & Director

John Heers is the former History Chair at Seacrest Country Day School and a co-founder of First Things Foundation. John worked overseas as a water resource manager in Mali, serving the Peace Corps for nearly three years. He studied history and education at Columbia University, earning a Masters Degree in 1993. By 1995 John was once again overseas working in the Georgian Republic overseeing the delivery of emergency relief to widows suffering the effects of the war in Abkhazia. After nearly nine years teaching in the South Bronx and Harlem in New York City, John took his family of five (now six) to Haiti where he and his wife assisted and taught at a tiny Orthodox Christian church in Port au Prince. Upon return he was invited to assist in the creation of a new independent high school, Seacrest Country Day School. John now works full-time for FTF.

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Ryan Jobe | Co-Founder

Ryan Jobe is the 32 year old co-founder of First Things Foundation and was the first FTF Site Coordinator in country. He left for Adwa, Ethiopia in August of 2013. Ryan previously worked for Seacrest Country Day School, spending seven years working in the Mathematics and Technology Departments. During his summer months, Ryan spent valuable time in the non-profit world. In 2008, he joined Advance Africa and spent two months teaching in Kenya and Tanzania. Ryan then went on to co-found Basketball Beyond Boundaries, a sister organization of Ball For Change, and returned to East Africa in 2009 using basketball as a vehicle to teach about HIV/AIDS prevention in high-risk areas. Ryan returned from his FTF work in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, the Georgian Republic and Guatemala in 2014 and now works in Naples supporting FTF as an administrator.


Andrew Schwark | Executive Field Director

For the past two years Andrew was living and working in Momostenango, Guatemala serving First Things Foundation as a Field Worker. Building relationships, making contacts, and getting projects off the ground while being constantly humbled was his life. Now as FTF looks to grow, Andrew is humbled to step into a new role that will call on old and new skills. He hopes that in the coming months and years FTF can continue to deliver life changing experiences to those that take the journey as well as the Impresarios that accept us into their lives.


Dan Padrnos | Field Worker - Sierra Leone

Daniel Padrnos is our new Site Coordinator in Sierra Leone. He grew up with a big family in Colorado and received his Engineering Management degree from Gonzaga University. During summers and between classes Daniel worked with a community in Tanzania to build a primary school, assisted Native American Tribes in the American northwest with water sanitation, and managed construction renovations for an underfunded private school. These projects instilled in Daniel the conviction that deep relationships are essential for generating positive progress. He’s stoked for all the challenges of living in Africa, he’s hungry for a warm slice of humble pie, and he’s ready to assist the Orthodox Mission of Sierra Leone in building orphanages, schools and a health clinic. While away from home Daniel will miss Hot ’n Spicy McChickens, climbing Colorado’s 14ers, and beating his brothers in basketball.


Austin Klice | Field Worker - Sierra Leone

Austin is a Southern California native who grew up in the bushes, beaches, and mountains of the rural North County. A Gonzaga graduate, Austin has been a toothbrush salesman, bellhop, XC racer, communications manager, and a pumpkin patch wrangler. However, his most meaningful experiences have been working at different orphanages on Manfangano Island in Kenya where AIDS/HIV affects upwards of 30% of the adult population.


Eileen Maiocco | Field Worker - Guatemala

Since graduating from Gonzaga University in 2016, Eileen has spent the past two years working with an organization dedicated to eliminating corneal blindness worldwide. Growing up in rural eastern Washington, she got her first big taste of the outside world studying abroad in El Salvador. The people she met there gave her a great gift – their stories. This experience taught her that in order to build relationships with people, you have to commit to being present in the small moments of daily life. She’s still working on putting this into practice. When she’s not pondering the meaning of life, Eileen likes baking sourdough and laughing at jokes for longer than is socially acceptable.

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Tom Hornyak | Field Worker - Guatemala

Thomas grew up in Naples, FL and graduated with a B.S. in Innovative Design Engineering from Purdue in 2010. He served two years in Arua, Uganda as a high school math and science teacher with Peace Corps. Becoming tired of equatorial climates, he went off to the northern Rockies to work with the Montana Conservation Corps as a youth crew leader to live among glaciers and grizzly bears. Afterwards he dived into a more technical field as a fundraising specialist with AmeriCorps VISTA and the Maker Education Initiative in Stockton, CA to tinker with S.T.E.M. based activities. Being curious about organic produce, Thomas set forth to Rising Sun Farm in River Falls, WI to pick some serious beans. Deciding it was time to go abroad again, he worked on farms, home-stays and retreats all across eastern Europe, the Balkans and Turkey. In 2017, he found himself in the Virgin Islands with Red Cross helping with bulk distribution following hurricanes Maria and Irma. He just completed a season with WisCorps as a conservation crew leader based in La Crosse, WI. On his free time, he enjoys bicycling across countries, drinking way too much tea and attempting to pet every animal he sees.


Geena Pietromonaco | Photography and Media

Geena’s been in the Pacific Northwest her whole life, growing up in the Seattle area, going to school at Gonzaga University in Spokane, and currently residing in Portland. Geena has been deeply enamored with film and visual storytelling from an early age, most notably while watching Good Will Hunting. This and a myriad of other beautiful events in the Theatre Arts program at Gonzaga inspired her to pursue a career in acting and video production.  She’s thrilled to be working with the amazing people at FTF, is extremely grateful for her time at site in Guatemala, and is eager to see what else is in store for this beautiful foundation.

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Ryan Chimney | Social Media Manager & Videography

Ryan is through and through a “jack of all trades” in the media world. Primarily, he is a video editor, but enjoys diving deep in all media fields: videography, motion graphics, social media, and photography. He has a strong passion for story telling and helping others find the message they want to tell in the media form. Various opportunities have allowed him to work with many creative individuals that have pushed him to grow his knowledge in the industry. He is always looking for the next project to collaborate on and make something that resonates with the viewer.

Board Members

*still under construction*

  • James Timmerman, Entrepreneur

  • Fr. Hans Jacobse, Orthodox Priest

  • James Bauler, Cruxlove, Samaritans Purse

  • Mike O'hara, Shaw Enterprises


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Reilly Dooris | GT FW February 2016 - August 2018

Reilly was not only essential to making FTF a success in Guatemala, but was critical in shaping FTF as an organization; helping to create a family and not just a non-profit. FTF would undoubtedly not be the same without him and to honor his work and dedication we have listed some of his achievments below during his 30+ months of service:
- Immersed, lived, and consulted with 26 low-resource entrepreneurs in mountain villages to help start or grow their nonprofits and businesses
- Learned to speak conversational K’iche and professional-level Spanish
- Helped to develop fundamental process for entrepreneurial project development, which became a core service offered by FTF
- Created preeminent field manuals on consulting practices, key growth indicators, volunteer involvement, immersion best practices, language acquisition, and building community trust
- Developed digital platform for in-field recording of project updates and entrepreneur growth metrics
- Created interconnected network of dozens of international and domestic collaborators to assist with local projects, accompanied by an auto-updating, digital map displaying volunteer involvement and connections
- Searched for, recruited, and interviewed over a dozen candidates for field positions


Sergio Castillo MD | Doctor - Sierra Leone 2017-19

Sergio Castillo was born in Guatemala. Being the first of six siblings he understood the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity presented to him. His ambition led him to graduate third in his class as a Physician and Surgeon in the Salesian Mesoamerican College. His thesis, “The Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma as a Method of Autologous Regeneration in Ulcers Secondary to Vascular Insufficiency” is now a prominent publication. He has achievements in Health in Humanitarian Crises from the London School of Hygiene and Humanitarian Medicine and he has gained an understanding of drugs and addiction from the King College University. Dr. Castillo was and continues to be essential to the medical program he started in coordination with the PK4Kids Foundation in Sierra Leone. During his time in Sierra Leone he was instrumental in treating over 3,500 patients. He started multiple health programs targeting family health, disease prevention, and chronic patient care among others. He also trained 3 nurses during his time to help carry on the mission after his exit. There is no monetary value that could be placed on the work he did and continues to do in support of FTF.

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Margaux Kremp | Development Intern 2018

Margaux is from Paris, France. She graduated last June from a BA in Political Sciences from King’s College London and is now pursuing a Master Degree for Managing Non-Profit Organization at NYU. Having lived in four different countries in 22 years, Margaux is always excited for new adventures and discovering new cultures. Her last big trip was a two-month journey around South America last summer and she is currently planning a car rally from Paris to Mongolia in order to raise money for charities.  Being on the field and working with children are her favorite aspects of any NGOs work. She often comes back to South Africa to help in an after-school center for children in one of the Cape Peninsula most challenging township; she has organized HIV prevention presentations and taught English to kids in orphanages. She also taught English to children and adults for a few weeks in a favela in Brazil; she had to create songs from scratch even though she claims that she doesn’t know how to sing.  Especially since her trip to Guatemala, Margaux is excited to bring the knowledge she is gaining in her master about NGO Management to the First Things Foundation development and success.