our beliefs


We Believe

that relationships are the foundation of meaningful life and a better world - The First Things.

We Demonstrate

this belief by living humbly, for two years, alongside locals in struggling communities.

We Build

self-sustaining Project Development Hubs that unite local visionaries with the people and resources they need most.

why we believe

First Things Foundation was conceived as a way to heal what ails wealthy westerners and as a mechanism for serving the poorest among us. As a couple of men who worked in the aid field, we saw how do-gooders often did profound damage to struggling communities. That damage wasn't physical. Things get built when the cash shows up. The damage was spiritual, and it took two forms.

First, local people and local economies became dependent, mentally and economically, on outsiders. Second, do-gooders with means, individuals and large non-profits, often failed to fully understand local culture and local problems. This failure wasn't about being greedy or arrogant (though we saw it could be), it was usually about a failure to truly immerse where people hurt the most. True cultural awareness, local awareness, wasn't often the goal. Sharing in the suffering wasn't exactly the point. After all, that's a hard thing. People get sick. People get lonely.

But here's the rub. When we immerse and give up more than money and a nifty weekend, something really cool happens to us. We heal. We begin to see clearly. We, the "givers", become true agents of change. And that change starts within us. We've seen it. We are it.

As we grow we've found that our best project has become sharing our relationships with others, linking and connecting good people on both sides of the money divide. We call this our Project Development Hub. We also call it setting the Keipi Table. Read more about that here.

Our Hubs allow us to be of use to visionaries in the worlds toughest neighborhoods. See, what we've found is that local people know how to fix local problems. At least most of the time. Our Hubs give these people a chance to share a virtual table with creative and generous souls around the world. This Hub of ours, much like a heavy laden feasting table, brings people together for the good. Immersing and understanding the local culture, serving the poor and creating access through our FTF Project Hub; it's how we become better people. It's how we heal. It's what we are all about.