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First Things Foundation asks hard working individuals to give up their comfortable existence for at least two years. Why? Because when we live simply and share in the experience of those who suffer we gain humility and acquire insights. We have found that when we close our mouths and quiet our minds we actually turn out to be assets for the poor. It's not rocket science: Good projects and healthy change always grow out of authentic, loving, dynamic relationships. People matter more than plans. And bright, motivated, hard-working people can be found wherever one finds poverty. But we must be quiet and patient enough to find them.

Be part of a small team of like minded individuals looking to shake up the aid world.  See your ideas tested and implemented in the field as you learn what it takes to live in different worlds.

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Medical Volunteer - Sierra Leone

Medical Specialists, General Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners; we invite you to the job of a lifetime. If you have the spirit of adventure and a heart for those who suffer, FTF has a unique service opportunity that is much more than a simple application of your unique skills. Join us on a journey.


  • Freetown, SL

  • Waterloo, SL


  • Guard the continuity of care in the 2 clinics (Waterloo and Freetown)

  • Coordinate education of local staff (medical, language skills...)

  • Financial management of the clinic

  • Human resources management (local staff)

  • Being humble and open minded as you work within an Orthodox Christian mission

  • General consultations in the clinic and cooperation with local health promoters  

  • Contributing monthly to our media through blogs, pictures, and video

  • Learning and speaking in national and local languages (Krio, English)


  • Specialized doctors, general practitioners, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or final year medical students preferred

  • Pursuing or possess a college bachelor’s degree in health, nursing or a medical science

  • Able to adapt to a variety of social and economic differences

  • Self-motivated, with a good level of organization

  • Being an independent and creative person (there are a lot of unexpected problems you’ll have to solve that will occur during your service!)


6-11 Month Service Commitment

We Cover:

  • Your food, lodging and in country transportation

  • Outgoing flight to Sierra Leone

  • Visa costs

  • Medical travel insurance

  • Evacuation insurance

You cover

  • Your vaccinations

3-6 Month Service Commitment

We Cover:

  • Visa Costs for SL

  • Food, lodging, and in-country transportation

You Cover:

  • Flights to and from Sierra Leone ($700-$1100)

  • Medical travel insurance ($100-$200)

  • Short term evacuation insurance ($300-500)

  • Your vaccinations ($200-$500)

1 yr. + Service Commitment

We Cover:

  • Your food, lodging and in country transportation

  • Round-trip flight to Sierra Leone

  • Visa costs

  • Krio/Local language Lessons

  • Medical travel insurance

  • Evacuation insurance

  • $300 monthly stipend to your bank account

  • Vaccinations

TO Apply

Please send the following to Andrew Schwark at (or if you have questions about the program please feel free to email him!):

  • Your resume / CV

  • A cover letter no longer than a page outlining why you would like to volunteer for this experience and for how long

  • We will also require 3 medical letters of reference before a final decision can be made