Yo Cuido Mi Planeta atraves del Reciclaje


  • Names: Juana Chanchavac, Maria Xiloj, and Adela Torres
  • Ages: 17-25
  • Impresarios Since: Jan. 2017
  • Project: Protecting My Planet through Recycling
  • Location: Momostenango, Guatemala


Momos is locally known for its beautiful wool products and hand crafts which you can find in the market. However, taking a look around at all the trash in the streets and clogging the rivers you would think that they are famous instead for their trash problem. The trash problem has long been recognized by both local and national governement, but rarely does the problem recieve the attention it deserves.

Enter Juana, Maria, and Adela - 3 young women who believe they can start cleaning up Momos. And not only that, but also turn around and use it to create baskets and bags used for shopping in the market.

Collaborating with the government, they have already started the process of installing a "bio-barda" or net that sits in the river and collects all the trash as it floats past. From there the group wants to remove, store, sort, transport, and recycle the material. No small undertaking.

FTF is now collaborating with their time sensitive needs: a recycler transportation for bottles and a place to store all the material before shipment. Look below for more details.

Directivas 1.jpg




  • Understanding recycling methods
    • Know about the process?  Consider giving a small talk.
    • Or donate building materials.
  • Obtain a recycling location or machines
    • Do you know a place?  Make a suggestion below.
    • Have knowledge on the machines used?
  • Assistance w/ ideas for transportation
    • Want to help? Donate your time to help them plan.
    • Or suggest a partner institution for them.
  • Join a Keipi Journey!

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