Jhosselin & Restaurante Fusion



  • Name: Jhosselin
  • Age: 24
  • Impresario Since: Jan. 2018
  • Project: Restaurante Fusion
  • Location: Momostenango, Guatemala


Fried chicken, tacos, and tortillas are average fair in Momostenango, but there is at least one restaurant that is bucking the trend: Fusion. Jhosselin, a local resident, decided she wanted to bring variety and something new to the small town and break people out of their normality.

Food always being a passion for her, she invested a lot of her own money to go to Guatemala city - 5 hours away - and take classes in the culinary arts. Excited, she new the next step after those 2 years would be to open up her own restaurant in Momos.

Originally occupying a large space, she realized her style was much more intimate and in early 2018 moved to a different location up the street. However, she is finding it hard to break through to the market and decided to enlist the friendship of FTF

Now, we are figuring out what success looks like for her and where she wants to take her restaurant. Look below for more details!

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  • Ongoing study of her customer surveys
    • What are people willing to try?
    • What do they want or can pay for?
  • Find a person who knows pizza
    • Know how to make a mean pie?  Consider donating your time.
    • Have knowledge on the recipes?  Get in contact with us!
  • Assistance w/ ideas for free advertising
    • Know how to get the word out on the cheap? Teach!
    • Or want to donate your time to help out?

*For all ideas our suggestions, please fill out the form below and the appropriate field worker will get in touch with you.

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