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Abraham Ajiatas Calel - School Kamawa'ik

Abraham believes that the key to change lies in education.  He runs a free school for poor and destitute children and he's currently in the process of building a sustainable model to ensure that free education will exist for years to come.  

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Yo Cuido Mi Planeta atraves del Reciclaje

(I Protect My Planet Through Recycling) 

Juana Chanchavac, Maria Xiloj, and Adela Torres are the driving force behind a youth-led project to clean up their town.  What's more, they believe they can take that same trash and turn it into beautiful, handmade products.

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Jhosselin & Restaurante Fusion

Jhosselin recently opened a small restaurant called Fusion.  The idea?  To cook delicious food not seen anywhere else around for miles.  We believe she has the opportunity to change the face of Momostecan cuisine and add to the local economy.  Do you?