Guatemalan impresarios

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Abraham Ajiatas Calel - School Kamawa'ik

Abraham believes that the key to change lies in education.  He runs a free school for poor and destitute children and he's currently in the process of building a sustainable model to ensure that free education will exist for years to come.                                                                       


Dario - Bakery Panadari

Dario has been baking for two years and early this year started his own bakery right in Momostenango.  Already employing 3 people, he hopes to expand amidst communities asking for more of his product.  Check out how Dario is serving his community and get involved!


Walter Alvarez - Doña Terra Cooking Classes

Walter is a local from Momostenango and after working with Whole Foods for 20 years, has returned home and now runs both a restaurant and bread store. He supports 8 employees and looks to expand his business by offering cooking classes to showcase the traditional plates of the Western Guatemalan Highlands.

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School Institute - K'anil

The parents committee in the small aldea of K'anil have been fighting for their children's education for a long, long time now.  After having built an elementary school, they want to provide ongoing education for their students.  Click the button to see how you can propel that dream forward!


Manantial Euphrates - Fresh Water Project

Outside of Momos are a couple of small pueblos: Pala Grande, Pacoxlaj, and Pitzal.  A committee devoted to bringing potable water to 87 people without.  They've been fighting for this for 11 years.  If this sounds like a long time, help us to finish their project!


Primary School Paxmaramac

In another small community, the community of Patalup has a school, one full of children and teachers. However, it is missing windows and doors to classrooms. The school, originally built some years ago, was never fully completed. FTF hopes to advocate and finish the work that was started so long ago.


Microfinancing - Ixim

In Momos options for credit are limited and options for responsible lenders even more so.  Association Ixim are providing accountble, fair loans to the surrounding aldeas, believing that promoting small business is the way to create a brighter future.  See how you can invest in their dream as well!

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Turicentro K’achelaj

As the only outdoor event space in Momostenango, Turicentro K’achelaj aims to create employment for locals by providing an eco-friendly recreational space for visitors.