Guatemala Journey Overview

Journey with us to the Land of Eternal Spring and the birthplace of the Mayan Civilization.  Experience a different side of Guatemala in the Western Highlands, meet with Impresarios, travel to the worlds most beautiful lake, and enjoy authentic Guatemalan cuisine alongside our Field Workers. 

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 One of the many colorful buses that provide transportation throughout Guatemala

One of the many colorful buses that provide transportation throughout Guatemala

Current and Future Journey Dates

February 15th - 24th, 2019

November 22nd- December 1st, 2019



Cost and Features

Total Cost: $1,250 plus round trip airfare to Guatemala City

What you get: 9 nights, 2 meals a day, transportation, daily excursions, full-time bilingual guides and pre-trip assistance with key logistics. Oh, and an incredibly authentic immersion into Central American culture.

Note:  Cost of trip includes 2 meals a day. A meal stipend will be offered daily. That stipend will reflect the local costs of breakfast and dinner. We like to leave lunches open so travelers have flexibility during the day.

 Late night Mayan Ritual

Late night Mayan Ritual



current itinerary


Day 1: Antigua

  • Arrive in the bustling capital of the country, Guatemala City

  • Travel to Antigua, Guatemala’s cobble stoned former capital city

Day 2: Antigua

  • Take a spin through Antigua’s historical calles and avenidas, try Guatemala’s world famous chocolate and fresh-brewed coffee, and take a jaunt up one of Guatemala’s four active volcanoes.

  • Join the team for a powerful FTF tradition, the 16-toast Keipi Dinner.

Day 3: Momostenango

  • Travel to the local, seldom-seen delight in the Western Highlands of Guatemala – Momostenango.

  • Spend time visiting the beautiful mountaintops with views of the Cuchumontanes, learn the local dialect, K’iche’ from a revered Mayan teacher, and participate in a traditional Mayan ceremony.

Day 4: Momostenango

  • Take to the streets to experience the thriving Momostecan market, take a haggling lesson from a seasoned expert, and teach English in a free school for low-resource children with one of FTF’s first ever impresarios, Abraham.

  • Head to Abraham’s house for a night of food, music, stories, and to be challenged into seeing the world from a different perspective.

Day 5: Momostenango

  • Visit a rural Russian clinic run by some of FTF’s oldest friends, hear about witch medicine traditions, and learn how you can help with some of the community’s most pressing issues.

  • Participate in a baking class with an FTF Impresario, and meet the young people who are changing the face of their rural Guatemalan town.

Day 6: Quetzaltenango (Xela)

  • Explore Guatemala’s second largest city and the heart of the ancient Mayan population in Guatemala.

  • Visit one of the most spectacular cemeteries in the country with an inside look at the history and ghost stories surrounding the burial site.

  • Dine with one of Guatemala’s foremost experts on cross-cultural living and community development – a man who was involved the original formation of the Peace Corps.

Day 6: Atitlán

  • Experience a hidden jungle hot spring in the mountains outside of Quetzaltenango.

  • Travel to San Pedro la Laguna situated on the beautiful Lake Atitlán, one of the deepest lakes in central America.

  • Participate in a local salsa lesson and weaving classes from a local women’s cooperative.

Day 7: Atitlán

  • Wake up for a dawn hike up La Nariz del Indio to witness the sunrise over Atitlán’s three surrounding volcanoes.

Day 8: Antigua

  • Return to Antigua for a final tour, a local cooking class with some of the town’s most talented chefs, and a farewell dinner from FTF.

Day 9: Departure

  • A final, delicious breakfast in Guatemala’s cultural heart.

  • Departure back home.


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