Guatemala Journey Overview

Journey with us to the Land of Eternal Spring and the birthplace of the Mayan Civilization.  Experience a different side of Guatemala in the Western Highlands, meet with Impresarios, travel to the worlds most beautiful lake, and enjoy authentic Guatemalan cuisine alongside our Field Workers. 

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 One of the many colorful buses that provide transportation throughout Guatemala

One of the many colorful buses that provide transportation throughout Guatemala


Current and Future Journey Dates

February 15th - 22nd, 2019



Cost and Features

Total Cost: $1,250 plus round trip airfare to Guatemala City

What you get: 7 nights, 2 meals a day, transportation, daily excursions, full-time bilingual guides and pre-trip assistance with key logistics. Oh, and an incredibly authentic immersion into Central American culture.

Note:  Cost of trip includes 2 meals a day. A meal stipend will be offered daily. That stipend will reflect the local costs of breakfast and dinner. We like to leave lunches open so travelers have flexibility during the day.

 Late night Mayan Ritual

Late night Mayan Ritual



current itinerary


Day 1: Lake Atitlán

  • Arrive in the bustling capital of the country, Guatemala City.

  • Come to Lake Atitlán, considered by the ancient Maya as the meeting place between Heaven and Earth.

Day 2: Lake Atitlán

  • Take a boat ride to one of the 3 surrounding lake villages and explore the shops, delicious food, and cultural events that are always happening nearby.

  • That night join the team for a powerful FTF tradition; the 16-toast Keipi Dinner with a view of the lake and its volcanoes.

Day 3: Momostenango

  • Travel to FTF’s active site in the Western Highlands – Momostenango.

  • Visit one of FTF’s very first Impresarios, Abraham at his school. Get a Maya K’Iche lesson and put it to practice with the locals!

Day 4: Momostenango

  • Come and visit with rural Impresarios attempting to bring water to a community of 80 people. Receive a tour of the area, visit caves used by the Maya for ceremonies, and take part in a big meal of caldo, a traditional Momos soup.

  • Later head to Abraham’s house for a night of food, music, stories, and a challenge to your world view.

Day 5: Momostenango

  • Visit a Russian health clinic run by some of FTF’s dearest friends, hear about witch medicine traditions, and learn how you can help with some of the community’s most pressing issues.

  • Enjoy an afternoon hike led by some locals to a waterfall oasis or relax in the clinic and donate your help where it is needed.

Day 6: Momostenango

  • Take part in the Momos Impresario Expo. See what people and projects we are working with and get a feel for how people are changing their community.

  • Have dinner together, take of any last minute market shopping, and feel free to explore or relax.

Day 7: Antigua

  • Travel to La Antigua the former Guatemalan capital and now preserved colonial town.

  • Explore the city, stopping by the famous chocolate museum, a local cigar bar, beautiful lookouts, or take a short volcano hike

  • Have a final dinner with the FTF crew as we prepare to leave the next day.

Day 7: Antigua

  • A final, delicious breakfast in the old Capital.

  • Get everyone together and head to the airport to say our goodbyes.



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