Georgia Republic - Coming Soon

Where the Keipi started.


How We Are Getting Here

In 2014 we were invited to live and work in Georgia by the nuns of Poka (a community John Heers worked with in the 1990’s while with International Orthodox Christian Charities). Currently these nuns work tirelessly on various education programs for the forgotten Armenian population of southern Georgia.  

This area is often feared to be the next Abkhazia or South Ossetia, regions that have created independent movements ending in terrible violence and internally displaced people. This region was home to many Soviet military bases and has been de-militarized for more than 70 years. Poverty is largely a result of a depressed economy ground in a lack of literacy, both written literacy and entrepreneurial literacy (UNESCO). Our immersionship would be directly tied to traditional and entrepreneurial literacy.
In a recent Keipi Journey we had the unique opportunity to talk directly with Deda Shushaniki and the nuns in Polka. Talks centered around the needs of the community as well as potential projects FTF could be involved in (including an orphanage). FTF is looking forward to continuing the conversation and building towards opening a site.


In a recent Journey Trip FTF had the opportunity to speak directly with the nuns of Polka as well as Bishop Nikolas concerning potential areas where FTF could assist.  We are extremely excited to continue the conversation and see what fruit it may bear.

FTF will be sending a Vanguard Field Worker in May 2019, so keep an eye out on our Opportunities page for a late 2019 Field Worker opening!

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