Georgia Republic - Coming Soon

Where the Keipi started.

How We Are Got Here

In 2014 we were invited to live and work in Georgia by the nuns of Poka (a community John Heers worked with in the 1990’s while with International Orthodox Christian Charities). While we didn't send our first Field Worker to Polka, other opportunities have been made availble.

While we aren't sure where exactly we will rest our heads in the future, there are various paths open to us. One of which may be the small town of Baraleti.

What We Hope to Do

We are looking to work closely in conjunction with the Orthodox Church in Georgia as helpers to their program: an orphanage system that prepares young adults for life before they “time out.”

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Talks are ongoing with Bishop Nikolas concerning potential areas where FTF could assist in the future.  We are extremely excited to continue the conversation and see what fruit it may bear.

While FTF doesn’t maintain a current Field Worker in Georgia, we are hopeful that later this year or next we may have the opportunity.

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