Dario Revolorio



  • Age: 31
  • Impresario Since: July, 2018
  • Project: Bakery Panadari
  • Location: Momostenango, Guatemala


Dario Revolorio is a salesman through and through. Having been a vendor to tiendas (small shops) all around Guatemala for 12 years, he understands what it takes to get people to buy: a good product and personal connection. That's why now he has his sights set on becoming a major bakery in Totonicopan.

Dario took his first steps in the baking industry 2 years ago when he was invited to be a partner in a small bakery. It turned into a year long experience and despite failure, would lead him to start his own: Panadari

Everything that remained unlearned he taught himself and he spent 4 rounds of experimentation before landing on his current (secret!!) recipes. Since April, 2018 Dario has built a loyal, stable customer base and is now looking to take the next step.

FTF is couldn't be more excited to be a part of this vision moving forward. Dario brings fiery entrepreneurial passion to baking that would be rare anywhere in the world. Check below for updates on how you can get involved in this beautiful venture.




What we consulted on:

  • Dario currently has a van that runs specific routes throughout the week serving outlying Momostecan communities.  It currently runs at max capacity.
  • Other communities have asked for his service as well, but Dario needs another van to grow his routes.

Your assistance:

  • Join us to donate $1,800 towards a new van for Dario.

Expected outcomes:

  • Dario will be able to serve additional communities with weekly deliveries of fresh bread.
  • 2 additional people would be hired to drive and sell the bread, providing local employment opportunities.
  • Increased production would lower overall costs, allowing Dario to further reinvest and grow his burgeoning bakery.


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