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  • Names: Fr. Francis Baion, Sandy Kongo Sama, Thomas Kaifa

  • Age: 33, 39, 34

  • Impresario Since: April, 2019

  • Description: In a community recovering from a devastating past, three passionate social entrepreneurs are offering Kailahun a seed of hope: a community computer center where curious minds may open up to new modes of learning, creativity and opportunity.

  • Location: Kailahun, Sierra Leone


Kailahun was directly inside the red zone during the brutal Sierra Leone Civil War. In the center of town, the Catholic church compound served as a dwelling place for rebel leader Foday Sankoh and his child soldiers. Within these confines, the rebels slaughtered their fellow human beings, killing some and sawing off limbs of others. This incomprehensible evil and violence pulsed through Kailahun for ten long years.

Seventeen years after the war, a team of three enthusiastic individuals is proposing to convert the very building which was once a slaughtering house into a self-sustainable computer literacy center. It’s a bit of beautiful irony: a once tragic place where victims of war were dismembered has been restored for the purpose of bringing community members to spiritual, and soon intellectual wholeness.

Among the team members are Mr. Kongo, a physics wiz and social entrepreneur, Fr. Baion, the Catholic priest presiding over Kailahun and the principal Kailahun’s biggest junior secondary school, and Thomas, a social worker presently working on making Sierra Leone’s public buildings handicap accessible.

This enthusiastic team of community leaders aims to do their part in Kailahun’s community restoration by offering computer literacy courses. In a town where access to computers was once virtually impossible, computer literacy will open curious minds to new modes of learning and creativity and also offer opportunities for those interested in alternative career paths.

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Where we are now:

  • The CDC team has already done much of the grunt work needed to get this project off the ground: they have the classroom space and two very qualified individuals to teach classes and maintain the machines. The interest surveys they have performed in Kailahun have come back with very optimistic feedback.

  • We are consulting with the CDC team twice per week to iron out the details of their business plan and operations logistics.

Your assistance:

  • The team needs your help in acquiring 30 high functioning laptop computers capable of running Windows 10. If you wish to donate any of these machines, send an email to

  • Monetary donations will also help the team with capital costs like security and teaching aids. The team also hopes to purchase a printer and projector machine in Sierra Leone.

Expected outcomes:

  • The CDC team will partner with Kailahun’s largest secondary school to integrate computer literacy courses into the course curriculum as electives for interested families.

  • The team will build up their capacity over time with the aim of engaging 90 students per month in computer literacy classes. Students will include secondary school students, young adults attempting to pass the national exams, NGO workers and their youth beneficiaries, and business owners.

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