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We welcome you to click here and visit our website as we've added some new photos and new features you might be interested in. We've posted a recent interview by Bobby Maddex and Ancient Faith Radio. The talk features John Heers, our current FTF Director. Check it out here. Also, we've had a few visitors to Guatemala of late, including a filmmaker and a photographer. We'd like to thank Geena Pietromonaco and David Schaupp for their excellent work for FTF. Geena will be lending her talents to our film and video projects. She's good at her job! In time, and with your help, we hope to make her a full-time media specialist for First Things Foundation. Look for her new FTF short in the near future, and check out David's work right here in this blog and on our homepage slider. He is a talented young photographer and filmmaker indeed! On the road to Momo

A Thanksgiving Feast

Hands to the Pick Ax at the Medical Clinic in Chui