Visit Cuba with FTF Tours: See the real Cuba with us and do it legally!

Our work in the field is about sustainability. We give everything we have to impoverished folks around the world. Literally. We live alongside the suffering poor, serving local visionaries and their quest for a better life. We are all about smart donations, and now we want to take you on a shared value odyssey. Our field workers want to be your guides to Central America. On our first trip we set out for Cuba. Join John and Reilly and a bevy of fun people on a vacation of a lifetime. We'll throw Kepi style dinners on rooftops, see old rides and smoke amazing cigars. The beaches will impress and the people... The People! That's what we want to show you because that is where we live; alongside regular 'ole people suffering in a world not made for them. Come with us and see Cuba this December. Our prices are competitive and every penny we make goes directly to serving the poor. Write one of us (below) if you are interested in this amazing opportunity. Or click here to get more details on the trip. Most of all, be ready to see an amazing island from the perspective of those who live there. Your vacation is more than a mind full of memories in the end; it is the best way to support the future of poverty alleviation. Don't wait though, we'll close our first trip at ten sojourners, so don't tarry!