Transformation Works in Both Directions


Touched by the love of anotherThe real story behind First Things is that what we do transforms us more than it transforms those we aim to help. The spiritual rewards of immersion and love of brother far outweigh the material development that our coordinators aim to effect. And this is to be expected. It has been taught in every tradition since time immemorial.

In particular, it is taught in my own. As an Orthodox Christian I know that I am a steward of everything I have. I own nothing, I only appear to own things. Even my own life is on loan to me that I may, like the good servant in the parable of the talents, give of it liberally thereby multiplying the joy of others.

So in some ways, First Things Foundation is as much about my development as it is about "theirs". There is no distinction between the profits of one who gives and one who receives. We do not aim to serve the poor, we aim to become the poor by giving our lives to others...and in turn, enrich the entire world.

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