This Detailed Plan Makes FTF Wonks Ridiculously Happy!


Some people are wonks. During this election cycle you've probably heard this word. A Washington wonk is a person who adores the plan, the policy, the step by step process by which things get done. Wonks love other wonks, and as we build FTF we learn daily  just how wonderful our wonks are. I am much more of wonk than I was, say, six months ago. That's a good thing. This post is our way of rewarding our wonks. Below we've pasted in our step by step Phase II Strategic Plan. This document tells you exactly what we will do in Guatemala and points beyond. We are excited to present you with our step by step process for the alleviation of poverty. We think it is a paradigm shift and an important deviation from traditional development. We think it puts the focus on the people who can do the most to meet suffering head on. We call those people FTF Impresarios. Starting today our work will be geared toward investing in our impresarios.

So, take a look below at a detailed description of what we do after our immersionship. We think you will like what we are doing. If so, support us and our impresarios by investing in our work. Soon, you will be able to invest directly in our impresarios through our Kepi Fund Page.

But more on that later.

For now be a wonk and take a look at our Strategic Plan for Phase II.

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