The End of Immersion

237325-nature-animals-elephants-water-underwater-swimming-blue-reflection-tusk-736x459At First Things Foundation success demands good relationships and ends in authentic projects that produce local jobs and disposable income. We have a two step process that makes this kind of success possible. The first step we call Immersionship. The second step we call Impresario Investment. In phase two we use what we’ve learned in phase one to identify, cultivate and invest in great people and their amazing ideas. In Guatemala we have two field workers in place, Reilly Dooris and Andrew Schwark. Next month marks Reilly’s tenth month in country and the end of his immersionship. Reilly has learned Spanish and is learning K’iche, the local Mayan dialect. He has learned what local people love, what they don’t love and what they think they need. He has learned to navigate the country on local transport. He has learned who to trust and who to doubt. He has a feel for local government and for local corruption. He is not afraid to say yes, but he knows when to say no. He is an asset to FTF but more importantly he has become an asset to those in his barrio. He is their friend and now he is capable of being their advocate. His immersionship is coming to an end, and we are proud to announce that your investment in him is paying off. Next up for Reilly is Phase II. Look for his impresario profiles and blogs from the field as he goes about the business of identifying great projects and cultivating their long terms success. We greet you from Momostenango and from the far reaches of Phase II.