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Home Again, Again.

When I first moved here, to this strange land, a place where I didn't know a single soul, I was justifiably nervous. Who would I meet? How would I communicate? What would I say?These thoughts raced through my mind and they still surface now and again. It's a natural reaction moving from a place of security to a place unknown. But recently, those worries and fears have started to fall away.

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The End of Immersion

In Guatemala we have two field workers in place, Reilly Dooris and Andrew Schwark. Next month marks Reilly’s tenth month in country and the end of his immersionship. Reilly has learned Spanish and is learning K’iche, the local Mayan dialect. He has learned what local people love, what they don’t love and what they think they need. He has learned to navigate the country on local transport. He has learned who to trust and whom to doubt.

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It's the Pie Stupid, Kind of....

We are right. FTF is good. But then, being a former teacher, I had to go and ruin it all by asking the question, “How do I know?” Heck, how does anyone know? To answer this question I want to tell a quick story. It will be quick, I promise. Here goes...

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