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But after spending every waking moment with Reilly and watching how he interacted with those around him, how he learned through humility and worked alongside his friends at the monastery and orphanage, one thing was clear: he was already making lives better, even if he didn’t realize it. Every time he saw Maco on the monastery grounds he’d be greeted with a huge smile. Every time he walked past a classroom the orphans would shout his name and come out to see him. He was a friend to those around him, and in a many cases something more like a family member.

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Language and Lots of Little by Little

So what am I doing right now as a part of my immersion? First, I have been focusing on developing our relationship with our local partner, Hogar Rafael Ayau, the Orthodox monastery and orphanage that invited us to work in Guatemala. Four of my working days are occupied as a part-time laborer, working with Mako, Manuel, and Jolie, three of my favorite people of all time

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