Sunday, September 13 -- Foreign Aid, Theosis, and the Holy Trinity


$56 Billion, the Berlin Wall, and the Petrodollar: The Machiavellian World of Foreign Aid, Theosis, and the Holy Trinity So what does $56 billion, the Berlin Wall, JFK, and the petrodollar have to do with theosis, anthropology and the dogma of the Holy Trinity?

Let's just say this: Everything.

Join me, John Heers, the co-founder of First Things Foundation, as we take a journey into the story behind foreign aid, Machiavellian politics and the antecedents of "development" policy overseas.

We'll do all this while considering our souls, our Orthodox theology and our role in an ever shrinking world where wealth and prestige collide daily with crushing poverty and profound anger.

Come ready to ponder key questions about what it means to be a neighbor, what it means to be human, what it means to give aid.

It'll be cool, and it won't be boring.

WHEN: Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 12:30pm

LOCATION: St. John of the Ladder Orthodox Church 701 Augusta Arbor Way Piedmont (Greenville), SC 29673 864-299-1140

Get directions here. Visit St. John of the Ladder website.

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