Eight months have come and gone here in Guatemala, out in the mountains. Some things have changed, others not so much. Time here is different, allowing your thoughts to percolate and simmer until your left with some brilliant insights or the left over coffee grounds. Lets just say I'm leaning towards the coffee grounds side. I haven't come up with any super brilliant ideas. I haven't solved poverty (shocker). And I still can't figure out how to hand wash my clothes in under an hour. However, I have observed quite a few things that give me hope and infuse me with passion. I see Adolfo Torres wake up everyday before the sun rises to go work on his land. I see Benjamin building beautiful wooden benches. I run the trails of Moises's ecotourism area. I don't have to come up with brilliant ideas or solve poverty...the answers are in front of me every time I step out of the door.

And I suppose that if one idea has coalesced over the last eight months, it's that my job here is to try and match the hardworking, industrious, and gorgeous work our Impresarios are putting in Every. Single. Day. My fears aren't that we won't change anything here, but rather that we won't have equaled the passion the people here are already putting in.