Seafood Slaughter Raises $1,900 for FTF


12924610_10209121170452556_1200289655933923925_n The annual Seafood Slaughter in Palm Springs managed to delight seafood lovers in California and First Things Foundation clients here in Guatemala. More than $1400 dollars were raised on behalf of FTF. This money will help us build our Guatemalan Lucen Locales (Local Lights) investment fund; a fund aimed at growing brilliant ideas and brilliant people who live and work in Guatemala's poorest neighborhoods. Fund raisers like the Seafood Slaughter allow us to work directly in one some of the world's poorest neighborhoods, giving us a chance to invest in those neighborhoods person by person, idea by idea. We help seed local economies by assisting their brightest entrepreneurs. Thank you Seafood Slaughter!!

We encourage authentic change from the inside out.

Thank you to Jamison and Wendy Reeves for working with FTF and supporting us with their work at the Seafood Slaughter. And to all those who supported them we say: Come on down and find us here in Guatemala. Nuestra casa es tu casa!