Reilly Dooris, Guatemala and a Christmas Gift

Reilly Dooris

map-guatemalaSo what is better than getting lots of gifts at Christmastime? Well... my wife apparently thinks anything is better than my lovely and thoughtful decision (since reconsidered) to sign her up for the Direct TV NBA package. Wait, this doesn't count as a gift for her? I mean Porzingis and the Knicks on a random Tuesday night in January? Gift!

Speaking of gifts, FTF received the best gift of all this Christmas as Reilly Dooris chose to sign on and enter the field as our Executive Field Director. Reilly is a graduate of Gonzaga University (Mechanical Engineering) and the second of three sons. Growing up in a Navy family Reilly saw the world and then some. Check out more about Mr. Dooris under the staff tab on our website.

Reilly will make his way to Guatemala in March, joining John and Georgia Heers there. Together the three of them will continue the work begun by Ryan Jobe and all of you who have invested in our mission to assist the world's most vulnerable communities by investing in local economies and the local entrepreneurs. These local entrepreneurs hold the key to long term, sustainable development and the alleviation of extreme poverty!

Welcome Reilly! Let's get to work brother!