Presenting 8 Super Things That Will Make You Feel Like a Better Person (Too Strong?)

2011_super_8_movie-wide Okay, sure, there are lots of artful, creative, bloggy ways to describe what we do at First Things Foundation. I mean, there is a novel in it somewhere. But there's also the cold hard facts.

Here are some of the things that will happen if we manage to match a 50k donation ( based on excellent evaluations done over at the Sirolli Institute). If you like these things (and if you don't you arae pretty much a grinch), give here, twice!

A match will do these things in some of the poorest regions in the world:

  1. Build 120 socially responsible entrepreneurial businesses

  2. Create 240+ new full time jobs (based on previous Trinity of Management evaluations)Increase disposable income by an estimated 3% among local families

  3. Put four well trained FTF entrepreneurs into the world's poorest neigborhoods for two years each

  4. Put four FTF entrepreneurs into four teaching "immersionships" at

    3 orphanages

    1 hospice

  5. Allow us to participate in the PPI program, (Progress out of Poverty Index). This program will help us identify those most vulnerable to poverty, integrating objective poverty data into our assessments and strategic decision-making

  6. Give mothers an option to send children back to school with newfound disposable income

  7. Invigorate dysfunctional markets creating opportunity and decreasing brain drain and urbanization.

  8. Reduce dependence and increase hope for those below the poverty line (here and abroad).

Think about it. Its a no brainer. It makes me want to be a better man! (Too strong?)

Got questions, write us directly at,


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (though this is a vague, passive phrase, we can all agree on that), Happy Hanukkah, blessed Kwanza, and holy other stuff not named here due to a paucity of space...

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