Owen Gemmer is an FTF hero. You Can Be One Too. Click Here!

FTF and P4A


Owen Gemmer supports FTF. You do too. Now you and Owen (who happens to be a hero, just saying), can work together to help us help the suffering poor realize their dreams. It's easy.

Click here and watch Owen's video; the one he's made because he's a hero, and a nice young man, and a surefire quality-husband-in-waiting. He uploaded his video at The Project for Awesome and now, if you click and watch it and vote for it, FTF can get some dough. It's a great cause, and John Greene and the guys at The Project for Awesome have something cool going on.

So... Click Here, watch the video, vote for the video and bam! Let's see how much we can raise. The more votes, the more money. Go FTF! Go Owen! Go you! Go Reilly and Andrew down there in a surprisingly chilly Guatemala. Mountain living means being a true sherpa!

Or... give directly here! Let's keep our guys in the field building great ideas and great projects.