Opening Day Jitters



So we've moved out into the mountains on the outskirts of Momostenango.  As you would expect, rough roads and beautiful vistas are present around every bend. The invitation to hope and joy abound. It is in this place, which feels far removed from city life, that people have plans, goals, and ideas about how to improve or create more for their families and community.

Lucky for us we live with such a person: Adolfo Torres.  He opened a nature retreat where families and people can come to enjoy a pool, open green space and now, a trampoline.  It seems like a small thing, but in fact Adolfo is offering his community amenities that would otherwise never be available.  As a a local impresario he is taking a chance on his business, gambling on his hard work and foresight to turn a profit and reinvest.  Opening day for his business was today and amidst the bustle we could see that Adolfo, his wife, and his children were moved by a sense of excitement and fear.

This was a reminder to me and should serve as a reminder to us all that sometimes you have to gamble a lot to gain a little.  And that's funny, because that perfectly describes my life here and the lives of all of us at FTF. Gambling security and stuff in order to gain a little piece of beauty, a marvelous moment of joy. Support our gamble by going here. Donate and help us help others build their dreams. And then join us here in Guatemala. Come see what we see!