Now, That's Just Crazy!


Eye of the hurricane Is change really inevitable? Some people even believe it is the one and only true thing in this world. Modern philosophers doubt everything, except change. Change is sort of like a god in that way. But does everything change? EVERYTHING?

In our line of work at FTF there is this sweet spot, this place where we dare trundle, a place that in many ways resembles the eye of a hurricane. When nicely ensconced in this place, nothing moves; nothing bends or breaks or deteriorates. In this place there is no change. In fact, within this space, all things are exactly as they’ve ever been, ever.

So where is this magical place? It is the place between two souls. Yes, I know, that’s awful trite and very pie in the sky. But if you really think about it, it’s true. If you think about a life well lived, it is always our relationships that free us from the worry of degradation and decay.

Sure, some relationships actually hasten these things; but when done properly-- truthfully and lovingly-- human relationships suspend time and fear and suffering and change. When done correctly, love for your brother transcends this world in little flashes of perfection and joy.

So it is from within the hurricanes' eye that we try and do our work. Our FTF mission buys time for our site coordinators so we can spend time cultivating relationships and in turn avoid the decay of the world. We do this by sending ourselves into some pretty treacherous storms (the worlds poorest neighborhoods), knowing that even there, especially there, the calm eye will prove to be of great use.

Yes, I know, people love to cheer at the ribbon cutting ceremony. They love hardhats and just plain stuff. I get it. We do that. Building stuff is a part our mission (orphanages and schools and clinics). But failing to build in that quiet space between two souls means trying to build in the midst of a full blown hurricane -- swinging a hammer at the nail while everything around you is literally blowing apart. Now, how smart is that?

And yet, Americans do it everyday. Building stuff in the middle of a hurricane. Crazy.


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