Meet Dan and Sergio: FTF Field Workers in Sierra Leone


This blog is simple. Meet Sergio Castillo and Dan Padrnos.  They've just arrived in Sierra Leone. They have begun their immersionships with the wonderful folks of P4k. Their work is now being chronicled right here on our website (soon to be a new and improved website). Below you'll find a short bio on each. Get to know them. They are a fascinating pair of men. Their work, like the work of our team in Guatemala, make our foundation go. Their deeply personal, two-year commitment to the people of Sierra Leone gives us credibility. We gain insight and get better at serving others because they risk everything. Our Project Development Hubs start with them. All of it, together, well... it's called love. It just is. It's not complicated. May we all be sowers of it, not simply consumers. Meet Sergio and Dan.

Sergio Castillo was born in Guatemala. Being the first of six siblings he understood the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity presented to him. His ambition led him to graduate third in his class as a Physician and Surgeon in the Salesian Mesoamerican College. His thesis, “The Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma as a Method of Autologous Regeneration in Ulcers Secondary to Vascular Insufficiency” is now a prominent publication. He has achievements in Health in Humanitarian Crises from the London School of Hygiene and Humanitarian Medicine and he has gained an understanding of drugs and addiction from the King College University. Sergio has oriented his life toward social and humanitarian development, volunteering as a medical doctor with nonprofits such TECHO and REKKO where he coordinated emergency housing construction and medical brigades at rural villages in Guatemala. He also participated in the foundation of the nonprofit HEALTH&HELP Guatemala, where he served as a physician, medical director and president of the board. Sergio is also passionate for immersing in different cultures. In 2017 he traveled to 50 different cities in Europe and Asia, spending the 9 months on a low budget and living out of a 30 liter backpack. He is excited to continue his work with First Things Foundation as a medical coordinator in Sierra Leone. There he is serving orphans, disabled war veterans, and families that have been affected by Ebola.

Daniel Padrnos is our new site coordinator in Sierra Leone. He grew up with a big family in Colorado and received his Engineering Management degree from Gonzaga University. During summers and between classes Daniel worked with a community in Tanzania to build a primary school, assisted Native American Tribes in the American northwest with water sanitation, and managed construction renovations for an underfunded private school. These projects instilled in Daniel the conviction that deep relationships are essential for generating positive progress. He’s stoked for all the challenges of living in Africa, he’s hungry for a warm slice of humble pie, and he’s ready to assist the Orthodox Mission of Sierra Leone in building orphanages, schools and a health clinic. While away from home Daniel will miss Hot ’n Spicy McChickens, climbing Colorado’s 14ers, and beating his brothers in basketball.

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