Look Who Just Joined First Things Foundation!


First Things Foundation is very pleased to announce two new board members; James Bauler and Rick Eich. Both are dedicated to our mission of investing in the extreme poor patiently and appropriately. James and Rick are two very different people who will allow us to see our role in the world more comprehensively. We are excited and thankful! What follows is just a snippet of information on each; data that gives you a tiny window on their most wonderful lives. Little by little, person by person, hope by hope! James Bauler

Mr. Ba38bf922uler, a graduate of the Fletcher School at Tufts, has spent his career leading cross-cultural teams in multi-national organizations. In start-up companies, post-crisis disaster contexts and large-scale corporate change initiatives, James enjoys leading teams to develop and execute mission critical initiatives. Mr. Bauler spent more than 10 years working overseas, directing operations for Samaritans Purse in Afghanistan and Ethiopia. His last post with Samaritan's Purse was as Director of Risk Management, 2013 to 2015.  His latest endeavor finds him founding Cruxolve, a business incubator for innovative ideas.



Rick Eich

Mr. Eich, a graduate of Gordon College, grew up in the NYC/New England area chasing theAAEAAQAAAAAAAAhjAAAAJGQxNjVhNDc2LWEwMDktNDllNi05MmI4LWQ4YzlmNzFiZjFiMA American Dream and a relationship with his Creator.  While both quarries have been elusive at times, one has delivered deep and abiding peace. The other, the American Dream part, continues to outpace Rick’s best efforts. Rick is a technical salesman in the commercial services industry with a focus on green energy solutions.  Rick is most invested in building  brilliant ideas and excellent brick and mortar projects. Rick looks forward to helping the entrepreneurial efforts of FTF with technical building skills and innovative marketing tools, lending his experience in both.