If I Give, What Happens Next?

  growth555Let's keep it simple. A generous donor to First Things Foundation will double your dollar up to 50k dollars. You give $20 he/she will make it $40. Go here to donate. But if we match, what will this money do? Here are some numbers.

A match will:

  • Put four well trained FTF entrepreneurs into the world's poorest neigborhoods for two years each. (Yes, two years each. That's 8 years worth of time on task if we match!)

  • Build 120+ socially responsible entrepreneurial businesses

  • Create 480+ new full time jobs (based on previous Trinity of Management evaluations)

  • Increase disposable income by an estimated 3% among target families

  • Put four FTF entrepreneurs into four teaching "immersionships" at

    • 3 orphanages

    • 1 hospice

  • Allow us to participate in the PPI program, (Progress out of Poverty Index). This program will help us identify those most vulnerable to poverty, allowing us to integrate objective poverty data into our assessments and strategic decision-making

  • Give hundreds of mothers an option to send children back to school with newfound disposable income

  • Invigorate dysfunctional markets creating opportunity and decreasing brain drain and urbanization.

    Reduce dependence and increase hope for those below the poverty line (here and abroad).

If you like that your money will do these kind of things, help us match this donors passion here.

We pledge to live humbly in the service of our brothers and sisters in poverty. And we pledge to honor your kind donation toward this end. This is serious business! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! #stopaidstartpeople

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