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Owen Gemmer, an FTF supporter and all around amazing guy, has made his very own FTF video! So what, you ask?

So what?

Today, starting right now, this very minute, The Project For Awesome is raising funds for First Things Foundation. This Project, sponsored by John Green and his crew at Crash Course, supports organizations just like ours. Click here and vote for our video and voila, with enough votes, we get a very nice donation! Owen has made all of this possible! Owen's Gagemarjos!

BUT DON"T WAIT! Voting only takes place today, tomorrow and Sunday (December 9, 10, and 11) only. Go now and vote! And vote often! (Wait, is that even possible? Not sure... go try? Let's do this!)

So, to summarize...

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Watch Owen's heart-made video

Vote for First Things Foundation

(you'll see a box to the right of the video)

In the past organizations like FTF have received 10-15k because of the efforts of their supporters. The Project for Awesome is indeed a most gigantic opportunity. Help us help others create opportunity and hope in the world's toughest neighborhoods. Go vote!

Or heck, if you'd rather just go give a holiday gift to folks living in poverty, folks with amazing ideas on how to help their own communities just go directly to our Razoo site and get jiggy!