Have You Voted Yet? Time is Running Out! This is Epic! (screaming sound here...)

FTF and P4AVote or die! (I've really overused the exclamation of late... please consider forgiving me.) Also... Your life depends on this link! Two people just fell ill when they didn't click on this link. This link saves people!

No, but really... First Things Foundation has been given the gift of opportunity. Owen Gemmer gave that gift by making a video and uploading it to the Project for Awesome. Now, if you go and vote for his video you vote for First Things Foundation. Enough of those votes and well, we recieve a nice donation for our work in the world's toughest neighborhoods.

And it's easy! Click here, watch, and vote.

Click, watch, vote.

Bam! A little goodness breaks through and into an often brutal world.

And thank you Owen Gemmer! Owen voluntarily, and without an invitation, made a video and entered it on our behalf. Dudes like Owen should come work for FTF. We are always looking for just that kind of entrepreneurial flavor. Thanks Owen!