Going Through a Phase: Entrepreneurial Facilitation

the author Last post I promised I'd tell you about our lead-up to the entrepreneurial facilitation phase. To do that I'd like to tell you some of the people here who are among those at the forefront of entrepreneurial development.

The first is Doña Lila Ayau. Doña Lila and her assistant Carlos (pictured) have created a beautiful aquaponics project on lakeside property.

    Lila has invited us to learn how to maintain an aquaponics garden and add this to our organization’s offering when we visit local villages. I am developing our very own FTF aquaponics program at the FTF house at this very moment.

    The second lead is Health and Help, a free health clinic run by two wonderful doctors in Momostenango. They have offered to partner with us in order to provide a two-pronged service of health combined with our entrepreneurial facilitation in rural villages. I will spend three days volunteering with them at their clinic this week.

    Finally, the third person I'd like you to know about is a local mayor here in Amatitlán. Her name is Mara Marroquin. She runs a variety of social programs in our town, and has a vast network of contacts that may be interested in supporting our work. In future posts I will elaborate on these folks and these type of relationships and just how far down the rabbit hole our entrepreneurial facilitation phase might go.

    As far as the goals for our immersion phase go, we are right on track. We have created a presence here and people are starting to recognize that we’re different from most of the westerners who pass through. Guatemalans are curious about us and the way we live. The think we are odd, and oddly poor for gringo's. This is what we want! It is a great indication that we’re moving in the right direction. We also recognize that words can only describe so much of what we are doing here. We would like to invite any one who is interesting in visiting to please write us! We would love to be your hosts for a trip to Guatemala!

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