FTF Translators Wanted!

recruitment_bannerCan you translate documents from English into Spanish? Georgian into English? Twi into English? English into Twi? Tigrinya? Are you interested in doing this for an organization that aims to help the extreme poor? As we continue to grow we love when volunteers make an impact. Translating is a very powerful volunteer activity! We would love folks in our network to lend a hand by helping us translate documents like business plans, legal documents, marketing campaigns and the like. If you can lend a hand (or is it a tongue?) let us know. As our workload grows we'd love you to help us shift the paradigm of poverty alleviation. Write us here:

info@first-things.org; or johnheers@first-things.org; or reillydooris@first-things.org

Or hit us up on Facebook here. Or heck, Twitter works too. Either way and any way, find us. We are looking for you!