FTF Seeks Applicant for New, Unique Site

First Things Foundation announces a new opportunity to work in Kazakhstan. We are looking for a trail-blazing field worker interested in teaching at a unique school while also joining our fledgling foundation as a full-time field worker. We are dedicated to filling this position quickly. Please read more about our opening below and give it more than a thought or two! Help us find an amazing person interested in authentic and long term sustainable development!


First Things Foundation

Almaty (Kazakhstan) Field Worker

Job Description


Background: First Things Foundation is a 501c3 founded in 2013. Our goal is to serve the suffering poor by living as they do. We do this in order that we may truly listen to them. We leave our comfortable lives and immerse in the world’s poorest neighborhoods for two years. Once there we learn the local language, serve our partners and use our expertise and our networks to raise awareness and capital investments for great local projects. We create unique profiles for our clients (we call them Impresarios) and introduce them to the wider world. Proximity is everything at FTF. Technology is no substitute for human relationships built face to face, hope by hope, and meal by meal. Once installed at site, our field workers:

  • Work and immerse in an established 10 month “immersionship” with one of our partners on the ground. Our immersionships are vibrant and varied. Working with Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone, learning the art of planting and cultivating coffee in Guatemala and teaching English at a new school in Kazakhstan are just a few examples.
  • Forge authentic relationships and identify brilliant local change makers with whom to work
  • Teach, consult, market, find funding for and implement enduring entrepreneurial projects.
  • Bring Old World values related to relationship and simplicity back to the United States (we call this the Kepi Effect).

When we do our job correctly we help the poorest of the poor to build their great projects and create momentum for local economies and communities.

Kazakh Site Job Specifications:

  • This position is an incredible opportunity to both teach and lend your expertise to a brand new school. But just as important will be your role building a fledgling organization (that’s us, FTF). You will be the first FTF field worker in Kazakhstan. There you will teach middle and high-school during the first nine months on site. This work we call your immersionship. The second year will include a reduced teaching load with a heavy emphasis on identifying, facilitating and growing the best ideas of local, impoverished change-makers.
  • This is a two-year commitment. Your go date will be July of 2017. FTF invites you to a site assessment/training trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan in mid-April 2017.
  • Salary is commensurate with a Peace Corps Volunteer stipend.
  • All expenses, including travel to and from site, room, board and transportation are covered by FTF.

Key Tasks and Requirements:

  • Teaching. Instruction of English to 5th and 9th graders. The school, Almaty Tech, is a new school specializing in Project Based Learning. Courses are taught in three languages: Russian, Kazakh and English. Teaching experience in Project Based Learning is highly valued.
  • Cultural Immersion. The FTF Field Worker will take courses in Kazak language, history and customs. It is essential that our field worker immerse and become fluent in the local language.
  • Humility. The FTF Field Worker will live simply and in accordance with the wealth and well-being of those being served in Almaty.
  • Social Entrepreneurship. The FTF Field Worker will identify and assist local change-makers (impresarios) to develop their ideas for the betterment of the community. All assistance will be delivered with profound cultural awareness. No projects should be “started” by our field worker. Rather, the job is to identify locals and their ideas and then serve them as teachers, consultants, networkers, marketers, and back office assistants.
  • Creative Advocacy. Creation of in-depth profiles of local impresarios. Writing, photography and videography will be necessary to create these web-based profiles.
  • Organizational Development. The hire will be expected co-build, and co-author the future of FTF. We are small and growing. Your work at this new site will create the standard for all future FTF work in Central Asia. This is much more than a overseas teaching internship.

To Apply:

Please send a resume and a cover letter to John Heers (johnheers@first-things.org). Include Kazak Field Worker in the subject line. Please try and address these two questions in your letter: Why do you want to work for FTF in Kazakhstan? What are two building blocks necessary for healthy assistance to the extreme poor?

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled, and applicants selected for interviews will be duly notified. Please no inquiries or phone calls.

First Things Foundation is committed to inclusive hiring and dedicated to diversity in both its staff and work.

The final applicant will be asked to undergo a background check before acceptance of the final offer.