FTF Impresarios Are Awesome: A New Video Introducing Adolfo

We take our work seriously. Reilly Dooris has been in Guatemala for more than a year. He has just been tested by ALTA and guess what, Reilly speaks Spanish at an ILR level 3. He began a zero. A zilch. His level 3 means the State Department would hire him in Spanish speaking countries. Go boy. He is getting good at K'iche' too, the local Mayan dialect. His immersionship has served him well. His community actually thinks something of him. That's nice, don't you think? We do. But there's more to this little gig we call First Things Foundation. The other thing we do is use our deep immersion process to uncover and identify brilliant local people and their brilliant ideas. By living alongside the suffering poor we can with confidence verify and develop potential game changing ideas. We can offer social networks, marketing and investment strategies to local people who would never have such access. And that's exactly what we are doing. Meet Adolfo. He is awesome. He is an FTF Impresario. He is an innovator and above all he is a lover of the people he calls community. Our hope is to shine a light on his work and to help him get momentum for his project. Check it out. Soon we will have investment options and a full profile for Adolfo. Our phase II is beginning. It's exciting.

Poor ≠ Dumb. Project based learning isn't just for the classroom. It is for real life. #StopaidStartpeople.