Frequent Flyer Miles Accepted Here at FTF

290x221_DonateMilesOne thing that is pretty neat is the physics behind flight. I mean, it always strikes me as utterly impossible that the tin can I'm sitting in; the really, really heavy tin can loaded down with people and stuff, is... lifting off? I mean how is this solid metal managing to master thin air? Amazing. Almost unbelievable.

You know what else is unbelievable? How much it can cost to ride in those flying tin cans. And so it is for a buck that I write this blog. First Things is officially asking you to donate frequent flyer miles to our amazing flying field workers. Some months our travel bill happens to be our biggest expenditure. It is pretty simple:

Your unused frequent flyer miles help us defer costs allowing us to put more of our resources directly into neighborhoods where we work. 

Help us help the extreme poor by putting us in a flying tin can for free. Click here and donate money for miles. Or click here and let's talk about ways to actually donate your miles directly to FTF. It's possible. And it's easy. We thank you for your generosity!

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