First Things Entrepreneurs Spend 20 Months in the Field


The only way to build sustainable projects is to work with the peopleFTF places hard working dedicated social entrepreneurs deep in the field for 20+ months. Our coordinators live and work in the world's poorest neighborhoods, immersing themselves in the local language and in the local culture. They are ascetics, giving up their comfortable lives here in order to serve others. They are risk takers. They are problem solvers. They are odd. And they are beautiful. What do they do overseas? They specialize in food security, education and entreprenership, but once on the ground, our coordinators are free to do whatever is best for the community in which they live.

We put people before plans. Typically, we maximize our impact by finding brilliant local entrepreneurs who want to fix local problems, long term. We then support them by investing in their projects, scaling them where appropriate. If it helps, think of us as angel investors that first invest their lives, and then their money (and, of course, the investment dollars of our supporters).

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