Creating Something Meaningful


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This post is the first from our newest field worker, Andrew Schwark. You can find his work and his world here on a regular basis. We welcome Andrew to the field while thanking you for helping him share the load of those who struggle under the weight of extreme poverty. A true FTF Sherpa indeed!

So I'm a week in and things are different.  Like, not normal different.  The rooms have no doors in our house, walking into town takes an atrocious 40 some minutes because we have no vehicle.  Apparently kids are going on summer break right now.  How does that makes sense?  And usually I just chalk it all up to the following: “It's Guatemala.”  As if that answers all the questions.

But you know what?  All these differences are vitally important to the work I will be doing here.  Understanding the why behind things.  Understanding what it means to be Guatemalan.  This isn't something that I can just gloss over, rather it is the most crucial step in what FTF does in-country.  Understanding the people, meeting them, seeing them, and speaking with them form the basis of our work.  We aren't here as tourists, or contractors, or whatever.  We are here to become Guatemalan. May it be a beautiful thing!

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