Can the Oikonomia Save the Economy?


In my last blog I talked about broken systems; in particular the educational system and the international aid system. I mentioned that you should go HERE and watch Poverty Inc. You'll enjoy it. I ended by writing that change was coming. And I think most would agree that it is.

But change is not synonymous with goodness.

For us at First Things, it is not good to change the system by swapping master designers. Rather, change must be the result of love. And love is most resplendent in and between those who relate; lover and loved. This said, FTF argues for localism in education and in international development. Localism promotes proximity, and proximity creates the opportunity for interpersonal love. FTF exists to create opportunity for those outside our impersonal global system of trade. In this way we exist to recover the true meaning of the word economy, as found in the Greek oikonomia, or household management. Global markets and the power of Wall Street, as Clark Carlton points out in an excellent podcast on Capitalism, has nothing to do with the economy, understood rightly.

The economy, as we understand it and as it has been known to people for many millennium, is the management of local resources for the well being of the family. There, in that relationship, does one find true economy. And it is this space that regular people are finding harder and harder to manage all across the globe.  Perhaps in a future blog we can talk about the forces that work against oikonomia.

In the meantime please support us as we work to create true and authentic human oikonomia .

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