FTF Receives a 10k Donation! But I Bet None of Us Can Match Our Friends...

Gobezie-Goshu-8 A $10k match by an anonymous donor came in this week! Add that to $260 we've received at our FTF Fundraising site, and we are on our way to match a 50k dollar donation. We thank all of you for considering FTF this Christmas season. Let's keep at it and make this gift grow. Let's not leave any money on the table! (Ouch... hackneyed cliche alert). Take a look at our last post for more info on all the things this campaign will do for the suffering poor and for the souls of those who give. Now...

Over the course of the previous 24 months we at First Things Foundation have been building relationships overseas. We've identified the best places for our work, and good human beings with whom to partner. Though we haven't been back as often as we'd like (full time jobs have gotten in the way until now), we are ready to get ourselves back to site. Each of the communities below have invited us to work with them and communities nearby to build great, long term entrepreneurial projects. Thank you for your invitations!

Click on the links for more on our partners. And click here to help us match a 50k dollar donation.

Guatemala: Hogar Ayau Orphanage



Foka (Poka) Community Near Ninotsminda, Republic of Georgia











Waterloo School and Orphanage, Sierra Leone



Gobezie Goshu Home, Adwa Ethiopia (first photo above)


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