Adolfo's Dream: June 2017


Welcome to our first monthly campaign! Adolfo's Plan

Adolfo has been one of the driving forces for our field workers in Guatemala. For them, he symbolizes the power of the forgotten poor. As an impresario (for more information on impresarios please click here), Adolfo has showed not only the necessary determination and passion to make his dream great, but incredible.

Adolfo's dream, the Turicentro K'achelaj, functions as a retreat for healing, relaxation and fun for families around the area. The center boasts sweeping mountain views of Chuinajtajuyup, Guatemala, a soccer field, a pool, and various recreational amenities. This being said, Adolfo's Turicentro already has a share of patrons, but his vision has expanded to cater to the demands of the people he serves, delving more into the realm of ecotourism.

With the help of our field workers, Adolfo has curated his dream to include hot water baths, and eventually, an ecohotel. The recent installment of a clinic in the town has created a transient population that Adolfo can serve by providing a comfortable place to stay and rest. By building up the Turicentro, Adolfo hopes that families can enjoy a nice get-away close to home.

Adolfo needs three solar water heaters to take the Turicentro to the next level. Please help us raise $4,200 this month! We can do it!

While we work to facilitate Adolfo to the best of our abilities, we rely on your generous support as well. Please help us help him.

For more information and updates about Adolfo's journey, please keep up to date with our campaign page, or reach out to a member of our team.