Abraham's Project: July 2017

July's monthly campaign will focus on another one of our inspiring impresarios: Meet Abraham. Dedicated, passionate and hopeful. Abraham has dedicated his time to the education of young teens, teaching statistics, chemistry, K'iche' (the local language in Chuinajtajuyup), and music at Instituto K'amawa'nik, a school he, himself, founded. His school is, as he was reminded two years ago by distraught students that feared the school would be forced to close due to financial issues, the only option for education for young teens in the village. Students studying at Instituto K'amawa'nik do not pay for their education. Instead, Abraham supports the school.

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Our goal is to help Abraham secure the future of the school for years to come. Help us help him by donating throughout the month of July and spreading the word! All of us here at FTF agree with Abraham - an education can help better not only an individual, but also a family, a community and a country.

Click here to support Abraham: https://www.razoo.com/story/Investing-Much-More-Than-Money-First-Things-Foundation