A Locals Vision

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First Things Foundation is building an investment fund that allows us to offer zero interest loans to our impresarios and their most brilliant ideas. These loans will have terms, but they will not demand interest payments of any sort. The currency is loyalty, and the notion that all of us are free to honor what is good. All of our investment loans, when repaid, will return to the fund, to be loaned out to new impresarios who qualify. In the old world these types of loans have real potential. We are looking for business minded individuals who love these kind of projects. Bankers with unique and creative ways to invest in good people. Does our project interest you? Can you help us build our fund? Contact us and let’s talk. The blog that follows from Eileen (FW Guate 2019-21) and we think it helps our readers understand just what our fund will do. There are redemptive ways to connect the old world to the new.

And now from her little room in Momostenango, Guatemala, Eileen Maiocco offers up: A LOCALS VISION

Yesterday, I went out to Chuinajtajuyub’ on a spur of the moment invitation to talk to Adolfo about beginning a new project with FTF. He and his two brothers have spent the past eight years pouring their time, labor and savings into creating Turicentro K’achelaj (translation: the Forest Tourist Center). Turicentro is a wide-open, park-like oasis on the forested hillside out in the mountains. Their vision: Bring economic opportunity to the members of the community by bringing tourists, domestic and international, out to enjoy the beauty of the place they call home.

With his self designed solar-powered hot baths and turquoise swimming pool, Adolfo (and his family) continues to invest in this project from his own pocket. On this trip, we spent almost an hour talking about the plans for his half-dozen satellite projects while sitting on the mountaintop behind his brother’s house. In the words of Adolfo’s brother Edwin: “Whatever little money we’re making, we’re investing right back into the business.”

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Edwin continued, “It’s certainly true that we’d be able to do a lot more if we could obtain a loan, wherever from. But we don’t want the money to just be gifted to us. We want a real loan… that someday we’ll be able to pay off.” At the end of our chat, we all decided to continue the conversation later next week.

Help us build our fund so that local visionaries can build their vision for a better future.