Impresarios Building Families

walter 1.jpg

Walter, one of our newest impresario just became a father with his first son. The birth was successful and everyone walked away happy and healthy.

"She's not supposed to touch water for one month. Hot water for bathing is okay, but she's no allowed to cook or clean. If she touches water she might get sick or something bad will happen to the baby. It's a sort of tradition. But yeah, she's resting now and the baby is getting bigger. I'm so happy. I'm going to close early today to go spend time with them." - Walter

walter 2.jpg

In one month we plan on going to a local business which does cooking classes about 4 hours away. This will be our first dive Into the cooking field and we'll be taking notes. Afterwards, Walter and his mother will begin to construct their program and open classes here in Momostenango.