Calling All Medical Volunteers!

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My name is Dr. Sergio Castillo and for the past 18 months I have been a First Things Foundation medical volunteer in charge of two beautiful clinics.  This project is part of the Orthodox Christian Mission in Sierra Leone, West Africa led by Father Themistocles Adamopoulos (PK4Kids).  And while I have grown to love this place and the good work going on here, my tour of duty will shortly come to an end.


In December of 2017 First Things Foundation collaborated with Fr. Themi to provide a doctor for the mission - that doctor was me. Through the cooperation of both organizations and supported by the charity of people around the world and private assistance we offer completely free medical care to orphans, the disabled, preschoolers and their families. Since FTF got involved, we’ve created several new programs including family care, control, prevention and correct management of malaria, minor surgery response procedures, a chronic patient program and improved local health education. We have administered care to approximately 4,000 people and attend more than 300 patients a month!  To say that the need for medical care in Sierra Leone is great, would be an understatement.

Therefore we are seeking medical volunteers to help continue the amazing work we have all started together.  We have need in two clinics located in Freetown and Waterloo.

Below is a general outline of responsibilities and work involved for volunteers. As the needs of the clinics change depending on circumstances, so will these responsibilities:

  • Guard the continuity of care in both clinics

  • Coordinate the education of local staff (medical, language skills, official courses,..)

  • Financial management of the clinic

  • Human resources management (local staff)

  • Technical management (cleaning, taking care of the house etc)

  • Preparing and delivering small reports / updates for Fr. Themi

  • General patient consultations (together with local health promoters)

  • On-call for emergencies and if necessary patient transfer to local hospital

  • Preventative programs: organization of community education about different subjects (family planning, hygiene, etc...)

Other Notes:

  • Experience in low resource settings, pediatrics or infectious diseases is a big plus

  • You will be required to make final, medical decisions for your patients

  • You will need and develop creative solving problems skills

  • Being humble and open minded on working with a religious mission and their programs will enable a better work atmosphere

This would be a great opportunity for students and / or health professionals to build their skill set in areas of extreme need.

In addition, we can provide services such as transportation and housing.

Are you interested? Contact us:

Dr. Castillo

Andrew Schwark

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