We Are Back From Cuba. You Should Go.

Well, FTF just finished our first Keipi Journey to Cuba. I’d go on and on if I thought you’d like to hear about our travel log. But you probably don’t. Well, let’s say you don’t want to hear about it this very minute. But if you do want to hear about our trip to Cuba and how you can create one for you and your pals, write us here and let’s talk.

In Cuba, ten of us enjoyed the country in all of it’s simple glory, visiting local families and generally trying to understand what makes Cuba tick. It was a truly educational experience in the mold of our work at FTF. Next we go to Guatemala. This month in fact! We still have two seats if you have five days to spend pursuing this cool thing called your soul.

Check out a few of our Cuba photos, and remember that we put trips together to our places of work in order to create shared value donations. You travel, we work— together we become just a little more human. Join us!

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