Tom's Tales: Dedicating Life

This edition of our FTF blog is a part of something we call Tom’s Tales. Tom works for us in Guatemala. We find his writing quirky, and fun and inviting. We’ve decided to share it with you as a type of serialized adventure: Short snippets of life that we call Tom’s Tales.


Abraham and I took a visit to one of his ex-student’s homes outside of Momostenango. The students’ name is Marvin and is a strong and whole-hearted young man. Marvin works for a bank in a nearby city called Xela (shey-la). What is remarkable is how Abraham described the man as an eager young student who always showed up to school without shoes. Marvin’s house is located 45 minutes outside of town by car. It would take Marvin two hours to run to school, then another 30 minutes to walk up a big hill to get to school. Abraham tells me Marvin came to school every day and even his five other siblings have all attended and graduated after their 3 years (all at different times). On our visit to Marvin’s house his family gave us a tour of their farm, shared their food with us and made sure we had a year’s worth of oranges and honey. We played soccer near a river, walked through maize fields, and harvested some pumpkins and medicinal herbs. Marvin has a heart of gold and you can see him glowing when he smiles. He came to class to give a speech to the students and bought them all soda and snacks. Marvin and his family absolutely respect Abraham and they are living testimony that Abraham is making a difference in people’s lives. That picture of Abraham on our website that shows him smiling, well picture that face on him all the time and you’ve understood my impresario. Marvin sure does love Abraham. Everyone kind of does.