Tom's Tales: A Lollipop From Heaven

This edition of our FTF blog is a part of something we call Tom’s Tales. Tom works for us in Guatemala. We find his writing quirky, and fun and inviting. We’ve decided to share it with you as a type of serialized adventure: Short snippets of life that we call Tom’s Tales.


One event which comes to mind is sitting at the market eating dinner when one man sits down and is complaining about the Christmas music being played way too early in the season. I think that he sounds like lots of people back home in the United States. We start talking and eventually a little girl is crying nearby. He has her come and holds her on his lap, talking to her trying to cheer her up. He gives her 10 cents to buy a lollipop and instantly she stops and is full of excitement. She comes back a minute later as happy as can be. Now, I don’t think this guy is related to the little girl and that is amazing because how many people would allow someone on the street to hold their child and give her a lollipop? But this was all very natural. The mother returned from a nearby errand and said thank you to the man. I thanked him also because I sure didn’t want to listen to that little girl cry either.