Go to Cuba with First Things Foundation

First Things Foundation serves amazing people in amazingly difficult situations. We give all of our time and all of our waking hours to serve local people with great ideas. We call these people impresarios. We think they are the key to how best to help others.

To pay for this thing we do we’ve created a journey. This journey takes you into our world. It shows you beautiful places and beautiful people and asks a great deal of your soul. But you will love it! Support what you love. Love the act of supporting.

Come with us to Cuba. We leave December 27th. We get back January 4th.

Come with us to Guatemala. We leave February 16th.

Come with us to The Georgian Republic. We leave April 29th.

When you travel with us you donate. It’s the same thing. It is a shared value donation. You travel, we serve. And just ask the sojourners who joined us in Georgia in June how much they gained when they gave.

Let’s go!

john heers